If you are searching for a “custom Murphy bed near me,” look no further than Wallbeds “n” More in Austin, Texas! Our store is the newest of the Wallbeds “n” More showrooms in the state, and we are so excited to work with our community to help our customers maximize the space in their homes and come up with creative solutions to add dual functioning areas!

At Wallbeds “n” More, we can offer a custom Murphy bed for any room in your home by helping you choose:

  • the size of the bed
  • the specific mattress to meet your firmness or softness preference
  • the type of wood finish and color to match your interior design style
  • storage options to enhance organization
  • hardware in your choice of style and finish
  • a lighting and electrical package to meet your technology needs


The Magnolia Horizontal 

At our showroom, we offer many different types of Murphy beds to complement different styles and provide different utility features. Our horizontal style wall beds such as the Magnolia Horizontal model can be customized in either Maple or Oak finishes in 26 different color varieties! 

The horizontal planks on the Magnolia model give it a chic farmhouse style that is classic, yet trendy. Because it has a simple convertible design, it allows you to transform any common area or room in your home quickly and easily. This horizontal custom Murphy bed opens on its side and can accommodate a 12 inch thick mattress in either twin, extra long twin, full, or queen sizes.


The Barrington Table Bed

Another one of our most popular models is the Barrington Table Bed, which adds a gorgeous style and elegance to any guestroom or common space. You can customize the Birch finish options in one of 12 different colors and can choose special hardware to match your home’s style as well. The table is excellent too, because not only can it be used as a dining area, but also a place to draw, do puzzles or crafts, have a computer station, a sewing spot, or to study, work, or play games with family and friends. 

When you want to use the bed, the table can simply lock into place and close, so that you can pull the bed down from the wall to sleep. This particular Murphy bed is not customizable in frame size as it only comes in a queen, but you can customize your mattress by selecting one of several varieties in our showroom.


Custom Murphy Bed Add-ons

When you are looking to build a true, custom Murphy bed, come to Wallbeds “n” More as we have the largest variety of customizations for you to choose from including: 

  • fold down or L-shaped desks
  • wardrobes/armoires
  • shelves
  • bookcases
  • cabinets
  • chest style beds
  • built-in accent lighting, USB outlets, and electrical outlets
  • a variety of hardware selections and color finishes


Create Your Perfect Custom Murphy Bed in Our Showroom

At Wallbeds “n” More in Austin, Texas we are open Wednesday through Saturday and delight in showing customers our traditional wall beds, cabinet beds, accessories, and customization options in person so that a custom Murphy bed can be designed especially for them.

Simply give us a call to hear our current business hours and allow us to schedule an appointment for you to come in in person. Our phone number is (737) 888–4483 and we are located at 13359 US Highway 183 N. #410, Austin, Texas 78750. Our custom Murphy bed experts are ready to assist you to design your dream piece of furniture for your home.