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At Wallbeds n’ More in Austin, Texas we know that the holidays can be a very busy time full of parties and festivities, family dinners and work get-togethers. When you are thinking of hosting guests over the holidays or preparing for all those festive parties, consider a murphy bed with a mirror to help both your own family and out of town visitors prepare. 


Each one of our custom murphy beds is built specifically to your needs and can be designed with customizable features to delight every person in your home, whether they live there or are just stopping by. 


Benefits of A Hidden Wall Bed


A hidden wall bed is beneficial for so many reasons, first and foremost for helping you to save space in your home. By creating a dual functioning room such as an office and guest room combination, or a main bedroom and home gym, you can double the uses of your room and not have to give up space in doing so. 


When you choose a murphy bed  from Wallbeds n’ More in Austin, we can help you select the bed size that is appropriate for the space you are looking to refurbish. We will also work with you to make sure that it fits with the interior design style of your home.


Why Add a Mirror to Your Murphy Bed?


A murphy bed with mirror makes any room instantly more spacious. 

One way to add the illusion of space to a small room is to add depth through the use of mirrors, and at Wallbeds n’ More in Austin we can build a custom murphy bed with mirror included. This will not only allow for extra floor space when the bed is hidden, but additionally create the illusion of a larger room.

Galleria murphy bed with mirror

Use a Murphy bed with mirror to have more room to get ready in your main bedroom.


If your house has a minimal number of bathrooms or other practical spaces to get ready, it’s a great idea to add a mirror to your hidden wall bed so that you have that little bit of extra space to prepare for holiday parties. 


If you also choose to add a wardrobe or armoire to your murphy bed with mirror unit, you can create additional closet space to house your formal wear. Adding shelves or drawers also enhances your storage to make the room less cluttered so you can focus on getting ready in a beautiful, stress-free environment. 


Delight your guests with a mirrored wall bed.


Adding a mirror to a wall bed in a guest room makes it so much easier for your visitors to get ready in peace. If there’s a shared bathroom in the house, they don’t have to change clothes there and feel rushed while others are clamoring to use it. Instead, they can use the mirror in their guest suite to get ready for the day or an evening out.


Especially at a time when everyone is dressing up for work events, family celebrations, and holiday parties, it’s wonderful to have an extra space to share with your guests so that everybody can simultaneously get ready for those special occasions. 


Choose Wallbeds n’ More in Austin for Personal Assistance in Creating a Custom Murphy Bed


At Wallbeds n’ More in Austin, Texas we offer twin wall beds, extra large twin wallbeds, full-size wall beds, and queen size murphy beds to meet any need you have in your house. We can also help you add custom touches such as a desk, fold down table top, custom accent lighting, or USB ports to accommodate working guests with technology needs. 


Our showroom is open Wednesday through Saturday. Please call (737) 888-4483 for current showroom hours or to schedule an appointment. We look forward to welcoming you into our store and helping you customize the best wall bed to maximize your space for years to come.