The new year will be upon us before we know it, and cleaning up after the holidays gives us a fresh start. It’s a great time to re-organize and re-prioritize both our homes and our habits. With a murphy wall bed design that’s inspiring, you can create a peaceful and rejuvenating setting to get more done in a focused and productive way.


At Wallbeds n’ More in Austin, Texas, our staff members are not only excellent at helping you choose the wall bed that matches the style of your home, but they are also well-versed in helping you realize your vision for creating a dual functioning space in your house. 


Start by Visualizing your Dream Space


Do you want to create a room that combines qualities of relaxation and focus, but aren’t sure where to start? Designing a room with that dichotomy is easier than you may think. Subtle colors like light blues, warm grays, and other earthy tones can set the stage for both focused work time and peaceful restoration. 


If you choose to transform your own bedroom, you can choose a murphy bed with a desk so that you can work or study from home with ample floor space right in your room. Simply by having the bed folded up into the wall can provide peace of mind because the room automatically looks less cluttered and more spacious. 


An open floor space also allows you to take breaks in between work to stretch, practice mindfulness, or do yoga. You can even create a calming space on the floor for meditation. Taking short breaks throughout your workday in this newly created space can both center and ground you and inspire you to get back to work more focused and productive than before. 


Storage Features Can Enhance Productivity and Promote Restfulness


Forget about searching frantically for things you misplaced or feeling like your room is overly cluttered and distracting. With an inspiring murphy wall bed design from Wallbeds ‘n More, you can build your murphy bed furniture unit to include all of the storage features that you most desire.


If you are studying or working from home, we highly recommend including bookshelves, specifically shelves with cabinet doors, so that you can store technology out of sight. Having your printer, extra ink, copy paper, Wi-Fi router, cables, and cords tucked away means your work space is neat and you feel prepared. You will be ready for whatever the day may bring with speedy Internet and a printer at the ready without having to sacrifice organization.


From Office to Nightstand 


Including drawers with your desk also allows you to store items needed for the workday so you don’t have to go searching from room to room but have them at your fingertips ready to go. You can also include shelves and drawers on other parts of the murphy wall bed such as next to the headboard area, so that you can use them for personal storage like you would a nightstand. 


Tuck items, like tissues, glasses, extra for extra phone, cords, and books and drawers are on shelves, so they are accessible when it’s time to transition from work to sleep. 


Incorporate Light, Sound, and Scent


In order to create an inspiring murphy wall bed space in your room, think about reaching all of the senses to promote both productivity and relaxation. The following things can help to help you to find your center whether it’s time to study, work, relax, or sleep: 


  • Sashes tucked into drawers with relaxing scents such as lavender 
  • White noise machines that can sit on your desk or shelf of your murphy bed unit
  • Ambient lighting to set a relaxing mood
  • Spotlighting for nighttime reading
  • Built-in USB ports for charging Bluetooth speakers
  • Pillow mists in a variety of scents to relax the mind
  • Scented candles to provide warmth and inspire 


Why Choose Wallbeds n’ More in Austin, Texas?


At Wallbeds n’ More, we know that re-designing the perfect inspirational room can refresh your home in a way that makes it feel brand new. This holiday season, consider the gift that keeps on giving by purchasing a new murphy wall bed for your home. 


Your 2023 is sure to be your most focused, stress-free, and positive year yet if you start it off right with inspiration at your fingertips and beautiful functionality in your home. 


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