At Wallbeds “n” More in Austin, Texas we have the Murphy wall bed you are looking for, and we just happen to be the newest Wallbeds “n” More showroom located in Texas! We want to help you get the year started off right by helping you choose one of our many unique Murphy beds to add beauty, style, and functionality to any room in your home. 


Take a look at some of our most stylish and unique Murphy beds to impress your friends and family with the most unique guest suite they’ve ever seen.


Modern Murphy Chest Beds


Our modern Murphy chest beds can easily maximize any space in your home and are especially popular in common areas, such as living rooms, dens, and family rooms. Because these wall bed solutions are able to fold right up into chests that function as accent furniture, they are perfect in small apartments, studios spaces, or areas where you don’t want to bolt a Murphy wall bed directly to your wall. 

The Murphy chest beds are also excellent choices for condominiums or apartments where you are not allowed to affix furniture to the wall since they are freestanding, yet they still provide safety, stability, and comfort when folding down. 

These beds are fun to see transform in person, and we encourage you to stop by our showroom and experience all of our chest bed options for yourself. 

Our piston system makes the chest beds simple to fold and unfold, and just one person can easily do it alone. Your space can be converted from a common area to a guest suite in less than 60 seconds, and we also offer a variety of wood stains, finishes, and hardware so that you can match your Murphy chest bed to any interior design style.


The Farmington Murphy Wall Bed


The Farmington Murphy wall bed is another special choice as it fits with the modern farmhouse interior design scheme so popular today. It comes in 11 different Maple finish options or 15 different oak finish options, so no matter what the style and color of your room it will bring beautiful country style and a rustic barn door look to your space. 

This versatile and stylish bed is available in a twin, an extra long twin, a full, or a queen size Murphy wall bed and fits a 12 inch thick mattress for superior comfort in the blink of an eye. 

Cabinets and desks are sold separately to be affixed to the Farmington Murphy wall bed to make a complete set in and add even more storage capacity and functionality to your room.


The York Table Murphy Wall Bed


The York Table Bed is a minimalistic, sleek Murphy wall bed option that also comes in many different wood finishes and all four sizes: a twin, extra long twin, full, or queen. When the bed is closed up into the wall, there are slide bolts that can easily be locked to bring the table and its leg support into place. 

This fold down table makes a great place to have a snack, do homework, set up a laptop for a quick home office, eat dinner, or play a game or do a puzzle with family. Because it is one of our most unique Murphy beds, it can really be used in any area of your home such as an office, a sewing room, a breakfast nook, a dining table, or a crafting area. 


Come See Our Huge Selection of Unique Murphy Beds at our Showroom!


At Wallbeds “n” More in Austin Texas we are open Wednesday through Saturday and encourage you to come see our unique Murphy beds in person. Give us a call to make an appointment at (737) 888-4483. We also offer complete installation and delivery and can answer any questions you have about the customization process. Let us help you find the perfect modern day Murphy wall bed to complement your home today!